Design Yourself 63: Try Something New

Registration open for a free webinar series on how you can design yourself. Join Sharon and special guests for three hour-long classes starting October 17. Recordings will be shared with those who sign up.

Itching to try something new, but feeling stuck? Cue this week’s episode. Sharon shares a behind the scenes look into launching the Classes arm of Point Road Studios along with tips and resources for how you too can try something new. Sharon talks about common obstacles to getting started like being afraid or overwhelmed or simply lacking the know how to even get started. This episode is great for anyone who is ready to stop talking about that new thing they want to do and start doing it. It’s also a fun listen for anyone who has been curious about what’s been keeping Sharon busy these days.

Ideas Shared

How to try something new…

…if you don’t know how

  • get scrappy and see what you can learn
  • ask for help
  • delegate to someone who does know

…if you are scared/overwhelmed/frustrated (or otherwise not quite yourself!)

  • honor the emotion
  • ask what emotion would serve you
  • cultivate that new emotion

…no matter what your circumstance

  • pick your new thing with intention
  • make space for the new thing
  • the whole thing doesn’t have to be new
  • going all in works too
  • give yourself permission to fail

Resources and Links