Design Yourself 64: Creative Living

This week Sharon offers up a 10 Step Guide to Creative Living. If you are already jamming on all the ways that you need to be creative, awesome! But if you are like a lot of us and need a little kickstart to your creativity, this week’s episode is for you. Explore options for how to choose creativity over consumption (take a walk!), learn the difference between copying and appropriating (mindset!), discover some of Sharon’s go-to resources to kick a creative slump to the the curb (books! recipes! friends!) and more. This is a great episode for anyone who wants a reminder about just how much potential for awesomeness is sitting right there inside of you. Go ahead and let your inner kid run wild.

“To be alive is to have the potential for creativity.” – Sharon Lipovsky

Tomatoes fresh from the backyard garden cooked up about 2 feet from where they were grown? Yes please!

Ideas Shared

10 Step Guide to Creative Living

  1. Choose creativity over consumption
  2. Be generative not derivative
  3. Appropriate at will
  4. Don’t wait for the muse
  5. Create to solve your own problems
  6. Create to feed your body
  7. Create to feed your soul.
  8. Embrace constraints
  9. Remember suffering is not helpful
  10. Say yes to play + no to judgement

Resources and Links