Design Youself Bonus Episode: Figuring Out What to Call Yourself

Joanna Andreae of Wandering Wellness from Episode 62 is back with us for a special bonus episode. Joanna runs a successful business that is as much of her as it is run by her. And as clear as she is on who she is and what she offers, she was struggling with figuring out what to call herself. With permission, Sharon steps into to coach Joanna through this question. This short episode offers a glimpse into what executive coaching can look like and demonstrates the power of having a quiet space held to see an often asked question in a new light. For anyone who has been curious about what coaching is or who is also struggling to answer the question, “what do I call myself?” or “how do I describe what I do in a simple, easy to understand way?” this bonus episode is for you.

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Joanna’s cover art photograph was taken by Les Mansour