Design Yourself 62: Empowerment and Healing with Joanna Andreae of Wandering Wellness

What does it mean to live and be well? How can you do so while also fully owning your own sense of creative power? These are just a few of the questions that today’s guest Joanna Andreae, the healer behind Wandering Wellness, ponders. You will hear about how Joanna pushed herself to the brink with the intensity and stress of her work and her job before realizing that there was – thank goodness! – another way. Today she works with what she describes as the multidimensional modern woman to help her find her own way through a mix of meditation, coaching, nutrition and support. Joanna is one of those special people that can make something unfamiliar feel comfortable. She and host Sharon both worked in sales and marketing at the same professional services firm before wending their way into entrepreneurial ventures of the heart. They both share what they learned from that experience and how they each prepared for making the entrepreneurial leap. Today’s episode is a great fit for anyone curious about how to uncover or sustain your own wellbeing. It’s also on point for anyone looking for inspiration about how to leave your day job to launch your own dream job.

“I think wandering is an essential part of designing yourself.” -Joanna Andreae

Ideas Shared

“There is so much freedom in discipline” – Joanna Andreae

“We are often holding the key to wherever we are heading and when we can let go of something…[we] create the space for the other thing.” – Sharon Lipovsky

“The way we treat ourselves is the way we teach those around us to treat us as well.” – Joanna Andreae

As promised, here’s a glimpse at the new recording set up.

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