Design Yourself 131: What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

This week’s episode shines a light on the important role that our stories play in our lives and works. Not just as a reminder of what has been, but as a signal for what’s coming next. To step into what we really want, we have to own our stories. This podcast will help you along this path. Sharon begins the episode with some personal updates, which include east coast spring break adventures, the kick off of building her dream home and how she missed three Thursdays of hitting publish on the podcast. She shares how her own story about being a failure if she missed publishing the podcast weekly was wrestling with her story that there is a way to do the podcast in her own way, with ease. She then shares how the podcast schedule is evolving. The episode builds from Sharon’s own stories to reflections and actionable tips for both how to see the stories you tell and how to create shifts in your stories. 

“It’s not just about changing your stories. It’s about choosing them.” – Sharon Lipovsky

Ideas Shared

How To See Your Stories

  • Name What You See
  • Slow Down
  • Be Still
  • Drop In

How to Create Story Shifts

  • Allow Discomfort
  • Be Kind
  • Challenge Your Assumptions
  • Get Help
  • Go At Your Own Pace

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