Design Yourself 81: How to Set and Achieve (Big!) Goals

Goals, goals, and more goals ya’ll. Having a great idea is one thing, but figuring out how to make that idea come to life takes a whole other skills set. This week’s episode dives into the practical side of how to set big and audacious goals and then execute the follow through to achieve success. Learn about the difference between lag and lead measures, why focusing on inflection points is so critical, operating with the Pareto principle and more. Plus Sharon explains how setting goals for business and life follow the same key tenants. So whether you want to hit an ambitious revenue target or buy your first home, the process to get there is the same. This week’s episode is perfect for anyone who is ready to get tactical on how to make your vision a reality. It is also a great primer for anyone new to a leadership role who is a looking for a quick primer on how to achieve results.

As leaders – both at work and in our personal lives – we must shift from letting others define success for us to putting our own measures in place. The question then is how.”

Ideas Shared

How to Set and Achieve (Big!) Goals

  • Setting goals in business and setting goals in our lives are more similar than you think
  • The difference between lead measures and lag measures
  • The importance of inflection points
  • The connection between goals and vision
  • Define and celebrate milestones along the way


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