Design Yourself 23: Presence and Preparation

This week Sharon shares one of the most helpful pieces of wisdom she’s ever received: “It’s more important to be present than prepared.” Learn how she has come to understand this adage over the years and how she’s added on to it as well. As part of this process, Sharon shares some questions you might consider if you find yourself holding on tightly to a desire to be in control and tips for bringing yourself back to centered awareness. May today’s episode steward you in stepping into your full presence, regardless of how well prepared you might feel.

Ideas Shared:

Today’s show really focuses in on two core ideas:

  1. It is more important to be present than prepared.

  2. Everyone requires a different level of preparation to be present.

As we discussed it is more important to be present than prepared, we also looked at two ways of stewarding this mindset:

A) Letting go of control

To aid this process, you might try and understand your impulse to control, but reflecting on questions like:

  • What’s important to me about controlling this situation?
  • What value/s feel/s threatened by not having control?
  • What could be offered to me in letting go of control?
  • What is the opposite of holding on to control? (e.g. embracing ease)

B) Being alert to what’s happening right in front of you

To support you in drawing full awareness to your present moment, you might:

  • Integrate breathing prompts into your routine
  • Sit in meetings with your palms up (receiving posture)
  • Ask for help from a friend
  • Ask yourself: What will allow me to stay present?