Design Yourself 24: Embracing Imperfection

You know what’s not possible? Being perfect. But man does it still have a magnetic force that draws us towards it. In today’s episode Sharon shares some of her favorite resources for countering this pull as she discusses how to embrace imperfection. You’ll learn also about some of the many imperfect things Sharon’s experiencing right now (hint: it involves a lot of home renovations) and get a sneak peak into the launch of the new which goes live at the end of this week. Enjoy!

Ideas Shared:

None of us are perfect. We are human. Perfectly imperfect in our humanness. And even though we can “know” this intellectually, it’s still hard to accept.


  1. Choose your focus for this season
  2. Do C-level work
  3. Get better with time
  4. See the gifts in your vulnerability
  5. Learn from the missteps

Resources and Links: