Design Yourself 25: 4 Years In – Lessons Learned

This week we are celebrating the 4th birthday of Point Road Studios with the launch of our new website ( and some reflections on key lessons learned in our first 4 years. Come reminisce and learn with Sharon as she reflects on topics like quitting your day job, demanding your worth, taking a stand, and more.

Ideas Shared:

Celebrating our 4th birthday at Point Road this past week was a real milestone. There is something about 4 years that feels a little like a “graduation.” I took the time to pause and reflect on some of my key lessons learned. Hope you will enjoy!

10 Lessons Learned from My First 4 Years as an Entrepreneur

  1. Quitting Can Be A Great Start
  2. Entrepreneurship Can Meet Your Professional AND Personal Goals
  3. Build Your Energy as You Go
  4. Identify Your Ideal Client
  5. Demand Your Worth (!)
  6. Experiment
  7. Boundaries are Expansive (Not Limiting)
  8. Don’t Go It Alone
  9. Stand for Something
  10. Change is the Only Constant

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