Can we ever really go home? In a literal sense, maybe. In a figurative sense, probably not. As dynamic human beings living in an ever changing world, there is no going back to what was. We are changing. The places around us are changing. This is the gift of growth. Still it can be a joy to return to a location or experience that holds special memories. It offers a chance to reconnect and reevaluate. Join Sharon in this episode on a trip down memory lane as she shares some personal reflections on the occasion of her 20 year college reunion and invites you to reflect on and connect to your own moments of nostalgia.

Ideas Shared

Musings on the Occasion of Sharon’s 20 year College Reunion

  1. All things are in motion.
  2. Things can stay the same – but not necessarily how we seem them.
  3. Place can hold a specific energy.
  4. Traditions have the power to connect across the generations.
  5. Old friends are a gift.