Mom Guilt

Women continue to struggle. Same with our kids. The height of the global health crisis may be behind us, but not its impacts. Families around the world are struggling financially; children are facing increased poverty and anxiety; women and leaving their professional roles at a higher rate than any other demographic.

What norms do we need to disrupt? How can we bring more equity to the way we support ourselves and others? What’s at stake if we don’t? These are questions that we explore in this episode on Mom Guilt.

Ideas Shared

Things to Consider

  • Consider how your own background informs what you see as “normal” when it comes to the role of mother.
  • Consider what other role models you see and how they appeal (or don’t appeal) to you
  • For individuals: Do you know what you want? Having an ability to communicate what we want is a necessary skill for getting the support that we need.
  • For companies: Do you know what your people want? How are you creating alignment between the human needs and the business needs? 

Call to Action

  • What is one simple shift you can make for yourself?
  • What is one simple shift you can make for others?
  • What is the ripple effect that these shifts might start?

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