Design Yourself 124: Love and Leadership

Happy Valentine’s Day! And welcome to Design Yourself’s new release day, Thursday! (If you are wondering why we moved from Mondays to Thursdays, go check out the last Monday episode where I dish on this shift.)

This week’s episode talks about two seemingly distinct topics: love and leadership. How many times have you considered the role of love at work? For many of us the topic is taboo. In today’s episode, Sharon talks about the importance of leading with love. She shares vignettes of how she has seen leaders and teams transform with this approach and offers four key actions on how you can lead with love. the episode closes with a short meditation to get you in the practice of growing and embodying love. Enjoy!

Ideas Shared

4 Actions to Lead with Love

  1. Radical Self Awareness РStart by noticing what emotion shows up when you lead. Are you calm or anxious? Delighted or frustrated? Angry or sad? Simply notice without judgement what emotion/s show up when you lead.
  2. Set an Intention – Whether love is already present or not when you lead, set an intention to lead with love. Simply invite in the potential to bring love into the mix.
  3. Embody Love – Love is not just something we say or do. Love can show up in the way we are. We can embody that feeling of love in how we stand, walk, and gesture. Practice physically holding love.
  4. Grow Love – It’s amazing how much we can grow or intensify the feeling of love, simply by paying attention to it.


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