Design Yourself 125: Be The Observer of Your Actions

Radical self awareness is worth chasing. It is through expanding what we see that we expand our sense of what’s possible. In today’s episode, Sharon shares a simple and powerful practice to help you do just that: be the observer of your actions. Gain clarity on how to step back from being in the action to seeing yourself in the doing. Learn how to notice patterns and expand your perspective on you in action. And finally get some tools to help you interpret the data you are collecting. This is a great episode for anyone who has been feeling like they need to grow in their leadership capacity, but are unsure about how to make a change. It’s also great for anyone who is curious about pushing their own boundaries on what’s possible. Enjoy!

Ideas Shared

How to Be The Observer of Your Actions

Stop and Step Back (See More)

  • Step above the fray
  • Disrupt your habits
  • Partner with an accountability partner
  • Breathe and other simple pauses

Notice Patterns and Insights (See Deeply)

  • Pace
  • Story
  • Questions vs. Statements
  • What kinds of questions
  • Body Alignment
  • Emotions

Interpret the Data (Gain Insights and Choices)

  • What meaning do you make of what you see?
  • What feels aligned?
  • What feels misaligned?
  • What will you choose based on this new perspective?