Design Yourself 126: Clarify Your Purpose

The idea of doing something on purpose carries with it a feeling of positive authority. I’ve chosen it. I’ve selected this option. It’s mine. But how do you actually figure out what your purpose is? That answer is often elusive. In this week’s episode, Sharon offers perspective and a framework to help you navigate your own path forward. On purpose. Learn how to figure out what matters most to you and a simple way to make thoughtful decisions to align with your values. This is a great episode for anyone trying to figure out how to move through the world with a feeling of, “yes, I chose this.”

“Here’s my perspective. Your reason for existing will likely shapeshift over time. That’s okay.”

Ideas Shared

5 Steps to Clarify Your Purpose

  1. Check In With Your Current Awareness
  2. Notice What Others Want Your Purpose to Be
  3. Observe How Your Actions Indicate What’s Important (or not)
  4. Let Go of Unnecessary
  5. Move with Your Purpose