Design Yourself 127: Money Hijacks

What money mindsets or limiting beliefs are getting in the way of what you really want? That’s what we are cracking open in this week’s episode. Sharon shares how to pull apart our money mindsets and simple ways we can all make small shifts about our approach to money today. Explore together the difference between “bad scary” when it comes to money (e.g. spending beyond your means) and “good scary” (e.g. changing your spending habits to align with your values). Investigate 6 money mindsets that could be getting in your way and then learn a practical process to help you move past these roadblocks.

Ideas Shared

There is Good Scary and Bad Scary when it comes to money

  • Bad scary are triggers for true concern; the modern day saber tooth tigers showing up on your living room.
  • Good scary are ways that you are really aligning with what you want, but maybe feeling nervous about the change it prompts.

Money Mindsets that Get In Our Way

  • “I’m not good with money.”
  • “People with money are bad.”
  • “Money will change me.”
  • “I’m not worth it.”
  • “I don’t have enough experience yet.”
  • “Money isn’t important.”

4 Simple Ways to Change Your Hijacks

  1. Practice Radical Self Awareness
  2. Determine if what you see is working or holding you back
  3. Clear out the clutter
  4. Amplify what’s good