Design Yourself 69: Realizing Your Brick and Mortar Dream with Katie Blattner of Three Little Birds Sewing Co.

Creativity, resilience and a darn good sense of humor are at the heart of Katie Blattner’s story. In this week’s episode we learn the story of the seamstress and entrepreneur extraordinaire behind Three Little Birds Sewing Co., a place that is part fabric shop, part instructional space and part community hang out. It’s not quite the career and life she imagined for herself when she majored in chemistry with plans for med school. And then life stepped in. Through its lovely and sometimes heart wrenching turns, Katie adapted. Her optimism and bold decision making are sure to inspire you, whether you’re looking to create your own brick and mortar space or just trying to find ways to spark a little more creativity in your every day. 

“Take the positive things that happen in your life and let them be the driving force….if you lead with the positive and use the negative as a learning or as a speed bump rather than a wall I think that you can really live the life that you imagined for yourself.” – Katie Blattner

Ideas Shared

“One of my biggest fears was that someone else was going to open this business and do the exact thing that I wanted to do before I did and that I was going to really regret it.” – Katie Blattner

“I kind of felt like now or never. There is only one way to find out. And I kept saying to myself, what’s the worst that could happen.” – Katie Blattner

“You can’t miss what is in front of you…because you are so focused on what is not even here yet.” – Katie Blattner

Resources and Links

Learn More about Katie and Three Little Birds Sewing Co.

Visit the brick and mortar shop:

5132 Baltimore Ave, Studio B

Hyattsville, MD 20781

Visit the website

insta: Three Little Birds Sewing Co.

Facebook: Three Little Birds Sewing Co.


Phone: 202-246-5396