Design Yourself 68: Find Your Work Home with Jennifer Bangoura

Ever found yourself wishing for a job that just felt like you? That felt like you’d found a work home? If you are anything like host Sharon and this week’s guest, Jennifer Bangoura, the answer is yes. We spend so much of our waking life at work that it ought to be an endeavor that feels meaningful  – whether in the work itself or what the work creates for the rest of your life – and ideally both. Jennifer shares her own journey from the Peace Corp in Mali to working as a project manager to starting a photography business to landing her dream job. She shares how marrying someone from another part of the world and becoming a mom changed her. She shares her struggles and how she has seized opportunities as they’ve emerged all with an lighthearted optimism that you are going to find infectious.

“A well designed life is being grateful for the present and reflecting on what brought you there and being excited about what’s coming ahead and expressing it.” – Jennifer Bangoura

Ideas Shared

“I don’t need to turn my whole life upside down to design the life that I do want to have.” – Jennifer Bangoura

“Of course you can do other things, but it’s scary and it’s not secure and it’s not the job that you know exists and is out there.” – Jennifer Bangoura

“I want to support kick ass, bad ass women who are just doing there thing…and I want to be one of those kick ass women.” – Jennifer Bangoura

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