Design Yourself 39: Making Things Together with Blake Sloane and Jonaki Sanyal

This week we meet the husband wife team behind Forty Third Place, the umbrella under which all of the creative projects and collaborations of Jonaki Sanyal and Blake Sloane live. Woodworking, carpentry, photography and design are among their specialities. (Blake just built beautiful custom desks for Sharon’s home office!) Listen to learn the story of how this pair has always prioritized their creative pursuits and how they continue in the work of figuring out what a well-designed life looks like for them. Theirs is an inspiring story of continuous iteration and evolution. And one where family serves as a strong grounding force. This is a great episode for anyone whose ever wondered how to meld their passions and their work into one place. It’s also a great case study into how you can throw out the idea of work-life balance and see work-life integration in action.

“That’s what our relationship has always been built on: Being able to work together on things.” -Jonaki Sanyal

“All of our clients come to us because they seem to be gravitating to the story…I think it is being able to put a face and a whole family to these products.” – Blake Sloane

I had the good fortune to record this episode on 43rd Place in Blake and Jonaki’s beautifully restored home. The dining room table was built by Blake as an anniversary gift for Jonaki.

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