Design Yourself Encore: Go For It

Life is too short not to spend your time doing what you really feel called to do. In today’s episode Sharon offers up tips and resources for just letting go of the excuses and going for it – whatever it might be for you. Learn 5 simple steps to move from where you are today to where you want to be.

Ideas Shared:

This week I had fun playing with Adam Kurtz’s new book Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now & Later. It is a fun book-journal-workbook-guide thing with pages of prompts for you to fill out.

One page in the book offered the space to “write some good advice.” Here’s what I was inspired to scribble down:


There are two tracks that I see people on as they set out to go after the things they really want in their lives:

Track 1: If you already know what you want

Track 2: If you don’t know what you want

Track 1: 5 Steps for Going For It…if you already know what you want…

      • Be present
      • Name the prep/steps required to get you there
      • Do the leg work
      • Name and cultivate the emotion that will serve you
      • Make the right jump for you

Track 2: 5 Steps for Going For It…if you DON’T know what you want…

      • Be clear on what you don’t want
      • Change direction when you feel stuck
      • Try lots of things – quickly!
      • Follow your curiosity
      • Pay attention to what’s working/not working

Resources and Links: