Design Yourself 53: Visionaries and Finding Voice

Remember what it’s like to first start out in work? Our guest today doesn’t have to remember. She’s in it. Artist and educator Julia Lipovsky joins her sister Sharon to talk about what it’s like to find your voice and find a job. Hear how Julia paid attention to clues as she moved from a job to pay the bills to a job that inspires her soul. And how she put her art school education to work even when selling donuts. Julia is one of those people is wise beyond her years and this week’s episode is filled with both parts sisterly laughter and inspiration. This is definitely one to tune into if you are trying to find your own voice.

“It’s a slow burn, it’ll come together. But there’s a lot of pushback when you feel yourself that things aren’t moving fast enough…when you know you have a lot to offer and give but you just don’t know how yet.” – Julia Lipovsky

“To me leading a well-designed life are when your passions and your routines find a way to intersect.” – Julia Lipovsky

Julia graduates! Sisters Elaine and Sharon celebrate!

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insta (Julia Lipovsky): julipovsky

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