Design Yourself 54: Executive Presence

Inspiring others to trust and follow you takes more than great ideas or a stellar product or service. It takes executive presence. Executive presence communicates your authentic spirit in way that allows others to connect to you. It inspires and motivates. And it necessarily takes many different shapes and forms. Executive presence must be varied because at its core is the unique spirit of each of us. In today’s episode, Sharon clarifies what this often misunderstood term means and why it matters. Then she offers up 5 actions you can take to understand, define, and amplify your own executive presence.


What is executive presence?

Executive presence is the result of aligning your inner message and spirit with your exterior presentation – e.g. what you communicate through your words, body language, pace, pitch, and appearance.

Why does it matter?

Not  having executive presence means you can get skipped over for job promotions or not get hired by your ideal clients. Lacking executive presence means being less trusted to lead the way through difficult times.

Can it be changed?


5 Actions to Understand and Improve Your Executive Presence

1. Self Reflection: What is my presence like right now?

2. Identify Role Models

3. Ask for Help

4. Set a Learning Intention

5. Take Action and Iterate