It’s A Boy!

For those who didn’t see the announcement on our instagram feed, I wanted to share the delightful news that our sweet baby has arrived safely and soundly to the world. Iggy (Ignatius Alexander) is sleeping on my chest as I type and my heart is full. He is nearly 2 weeks old and is proving to be quite the calming presence in our household.

His 4 year old big sister Henrietta commented when holding him for the first time, “I am never going to let him go, mommy.” Last night she popped up out of bed where Grandma had just finished reading her stories and came over to where I was holding our little man. “I just want to see him one last time before I go to bed mommy.” Melt.

Our sweet Crosley is also very interested in his new brother. He likes to give him back rubs and tickle his feet. He is also taking his big brother status very seriously and has asserted his grownup-ness by starting to use the potty this week – without any parental prompting. (Knock on wood!)

I’ve been well spoiled by family members who have been taking good care of me, Iggy and our whole family. It’s making it easier for me to embrace and enjoy my 40 days of unplugging and honor my 2017 theme of “let rest.”

Many thanks to all those of you who have reached out with your warm well wishes to our sweet boy. We are receiving all your kind thoughts and words with open hearts. And sending love back your way too.