Wintering is a season in the cold. It is both literal and figurative. It acknowledges those times where we move through a fallow period – cut off from the world. What is the power of wintering? How can we learn to call in the dark and the cold?

In today’s encore episode on wintering we discuss what wintering is, borrowing from the brilliance of writer Katherine May; we speak to the power of wintering, specifically the power of the dark, the cold, letting go and resting; and we close with reflection questions to spark your own best thinking on how to integrate this practice.

“So that is my wish for you – that you may be unburdened by the cold and dark of wintering. And more than that. That you can embrace it. Call in the dark and the cold – don’t run from it. It is through learning how to sit in this discomfort that we build our resilience for when the unexpected winters arrive.”


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Ideas Shared

Reflection Questions

  • What periods of wintering have you experienced?
  • What do you notice about how you showed up during those times? (e.g. Habits? Patterns? Emotions? Actions? Supports?)
  • What keeps you up at night? What weighs on you in the dark and cold?
  • What is your relationship to winter? To wintering?
  • What do you hope to learn this winter?
  • What will support you on that path?

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