Where Am I Now?


We are halfway through the calendar year and officially into the summer season. It’s a natural time to take stock of how your year is going. What’s working? What’s getting in your way? What do you wish for? Do your answers inspire you to make any shifts as you head into the second half of this year? Let’s explore these questions in “Where Am I Now?”

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Ideas Shared

Taking Stock: 5 Prompts to Cozy Up to Where You Are Right Now?

  1. What’s True: How am I doing right now? You think specifically about: Mood? Energy? Emotion? Fulfillment? In the whole of your life and in key parts of your life (e.g. work, family, health, finances, creativity)?
  2. What’s Working: What am I most proud of right now?What brings me most delight in my daily rhythms and routines?
  3. What’s Missing: What am I wanting? Consider something that you might be missing or wishing that you could amplify
  4. Lessons Learned: What do I notice (without judgement) as I answer these questions?
  5. Taking Action: What changes will I commit to making?