Disagree and Commit

Consensus is not an evergreen goal. It is neither realistic nor a worthy goal to chase everyone agreeing all of the time. How can we promote productive dissent? How can we move forward as a team when we don’t all have the same opinion on what the path forward ought to be? Tune in to this Design Yourself show to discuss how to disagree and commit.

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Ideas Shared

When is it okay to disagree and commit?

  • Expertise and authority sit with a functional leader
  • Time requires us to move swiftly
  • Team is at an unresolvable impasse
  • Experimenting with HOW to do something based on more options than you have capacity to do right now
  • Team can do so in a way that honors our vision, mission and values
  • Watch For: Disagreeing on core teaming tools: Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Measures of Success

Creating conditions for Productive Disagreement

  • Team Lead listens only
  • Ask powerful questions instead of making declarations
  • Art of empathetic summary
  • Practice in a low risk way
  • Get clear on what the team is doing and how we will use the commitment in the rest of our work

How Framing and Decision Making Impacts this Matrix

  • Lack of clarity on what your focus is, if there is a decision being made and if so how that decision is being made quickly deteriorates trust.