What Do You Want in 2023

The new year invites us to reimagine what’s possible. This is not about trying to burden ourselves with unrealistic resolutions that we are doomed to abandon by February. Instead, it is about letting the rhythm of the calendar offer us a natural disruption in the momentum of our day to day. It is a chance to dream something new.

In this week’s podcast, we begin by discussing the importance of cultivating a belief that what you want is possible. And we look to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to create distinctions on where to focus our visioning energy. Do we need to shore up our foundation (physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem)? Or are we in a moment where we can expand into self-actualization?

We then consider how to hold space to explore what you want. We embrace the mindset that whatever we are doing, it is enough. And we offer ways to go deeper. We then offer prompts to get you thinking about what you really want for this year – a linear process to get clear on your 2023 vision. We close with a short guided meditation that invites you to go beyond your current awareness for what’s possible and to invite in new perspectives. Here’s to seeing what emerges; happy visioning!

Ideas Shared

Reflection Questions

  • What kind of vision do you want to create?
  • What is the time horizon? What is the specific date?
  • What changes do you want to call in in 2023?
      • What do you want to release?
      • What do you want to adapt?
      • What do you want to amplify?
  • What do you really want in 2023?
  • What will you celebrate at the end of next year?
  • What does wild success look like? What does it feel like? Taste like? Smell like? What details can you see?