Starting 2023 Off Right

Ready or not, the new year is upon us. While there is no one right way to do anything, there is what’s right for you. Answering this question requires our discernment. How will you choose to show up and move through 2023? What are you wishing to call in this year? What will support you on this path? 

In today’s episode we talk about finding your own right-fit approach to kicking off the new year and how you can use the flipping of the calendar year to bring fresh perspective to your daily rhythms and routines. We discuss what’s different about a resolution and an intention. We talk about different themes you might play with like a word or color of the year. We invite you to consider what – if any – big picture annual thinking might be useful as you step into 2023.

Regardless of what you are moving towards, the rhythms and routines that you establish will steward you on this path. To that end we close today’s episode with an audit of what’s working for you and how you might reimagine both the fixed and flexible movements that make up your day-to-day.  Whether you decide to put a new morning or evening routine in place or pay attention to what patterns shift from one season to the next, your commitment to aligning your daily actions to your annual priorities will pay dividends. Here’s to starting 2023 off right – and on your own terms!

Ideas Shared

Finding the right-fit way to kick off your year

Resolution – A firm decision to do or not to do something

  • What am I committed to this year? (To doing? To not doing? To holding sacred? To practicing? To shedding? To upholding? To loving?)
  • Do I have capacity to honor these commitments?

Intention – A thing intended; an aim or plan

  • What is my aim for this year?
  • How will I give shape to my vision for this calendar year?
  • What’s my roadmap for how I want to travel through the year?

Theme –  A subject or topic of discourse or of artistic representation

  • What is my color of the year?
  • What is my song of the year?
  • What is my word of the year?

How to refresh your routines and rhythms for 2023?

Routine –  A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program

  • What is an ideal start to your day?
  • What is an ideal close to your day?
  • What sequence of actions can you commit to on a regular basis?

Rhythms – A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement of sound

  • What are the annual rhythms of your life/work/family/team/etc?
  • What are the seasonal rhythms of your life/work/family/team/etc? (e.g. times where work is more intense? out of the house activities? family vacations?)
  • What are the patterns you want to call in this year?
  • How do those patterns evolve (or stay the same) as you move throughout the year?