Weeding in the Garden

Weeds happen. In life and the garden, we confront valueless things that encroach on the priorities we want to cultivate. What lessons can we learn from digging in the dirt and listening to the birdsong? How can we move with intention as we remove what is undesired and create space for our visions to flourish? Join me in this Design Yourself episode to discuss weeding in the garden.

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Ideas Shared

5 Lessons from Weeding in the Garden

  1. Stay Present to the Task at Hand. It’s easy for me to get lost on my plot of land thinking about the many things that I can and want to do. But – even with a team of support – my wish list won’t happen overnight. I’ve been ruthless in the garden this season about the task that needs doing right now.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Mindset. I can get caught in the “not enough” trap. I have so many ideas that I want to tackle the “what about this other thing I ALSO want to do.” Shifting from a focus on taking action on the full vision to focusing on a small piece.
  3. Find moments to rest. Take breaks. Enjoy the baby groundhogs and fireflies. Sip a hot beverage.
  4. Get help. Invite others to join. Hire values-aligned collaborators. Many hands make light work – and light hearts.
  5. Savor each step. Hands in the dirt. Pulling the weeds. Loosening the soil. Transplanting.