Let Yourself Be Bored

Boredom: Friend or foe? For many of us, boredom is a luxury in our fast-paced lives. While some avoid it at all costs, boredom sparks enormous creativity and productivity. If we surrender to doing nothing, there are many opportunities to be bored in the mundane moments of life. What is your relationship with boredom? What distracts you from being present right where you are? Come explore in this Design Yourself episode how to let yourself be bored.

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Ideas Shared

Reflection Prompts on Boredom

  1. What is your relationship with boredom?
  2. Could you embrace the mindset of bored and brilliant?
  3. What are habits that are preventing you from boredom? Netflix, early morning scrolling, the impulse to text back/stay on top of emails, etc.
  4. What boredom experiments could you design? 
  5. What’s one commitment you make today to explore this topic further?

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