Design Yourself 82: Systems for Support

Things don’t have to be complicated. Ease is possible. And this week’s episode embraces this possibility. Sharon shares why more is available to us when we scale our potential through systems for support – more impact, more joy, more peace, more! She also discusses her favorite tools for bringing beauty and ease into her life and her business. From productivity management to video chat platforms to delegating to a virtual assistant, you will hear about tons of resources that you may choose to add to your own tool belt. Plus learn about why the most important “resources” are the real live human beings who make up Sharon’s tribe, partners at work and creative community. This week’s episode is a great prompt for anyone who is looking to grow and scale at home or work. It’s also a great fit for anyone who values efficiency and the power of getting things done.

Plus Sharon kicks off this week’s episode with a personal update on how her “focus on Focus” has gone this month. If you’ve been wondering what she’s been up to, this is a great lens into her world.

“You can’t jump to a system without knowing what’s needed. When, and only when, you get clear on what’s needed, you can move into creating a system to get that support with ease.”

Ideas Shared

  • Lessons learned from February’s theme of Focus
  • Why having systems around your support makes such a huge impact
  • What some of Sharon’s favorite systems are

Sharon’s Systems for Support

People Who Matter

  • My Tribe (Family, Friends, Soulmates) – The people who know you best and love you just as you are. Vulnerability is always welcome in this circle.
  • Partners in Work (Business Besties, Mentors, Trusted Clients) – The people who you can call about work and ask for help, to brainstorm ways to improve, for growth – in your bottom line and also in your own humanness.
  • Creative Community – The people and places that inspire you to think differently.

Tools and Resources

Sharon’s Go To Tools for Life and Business

Other Business Admin Tools

Resources and Links