Sharing the Workload

Our working partnerships define how we move through our professional and personal lives. The movement can be heavy with mistrust, judgment, and frustration. It can also be ease-filled, characterized by aligned expectations, clear communication, and mutual accountability. Achieving goals rarely happens in isolation, and the division of labor is rarely 50-50.

In this episode, we reflect together on the critical working relationships in your life and how you can bring more ease and impact to the way you work together.

Ideas Shared

Reflection Questions

Assess the landscape

  • What are 3 most important working relationships in your life right now?
  • What is the balance of the workload?
  • How do you communicate about workload? (Do you have a shared perspective on what the workload is? How that gets decided? How it gets shared? How do you make changes over time and stay aligned as shifts happen?)

Look Within

  • What is your default approach to getting things done?
  • How is that working for you?

Consider Your Partner

  • What is their default approach to getting things done?
  • How is that working for them?

Evaluate and Evolve

  • How sustainable is the current division of workload?
  • Anything you want to recommit to?
  • Anything you are ready to release?
  • What changes would support your goals and the working relationship?

Resources and Links