Design Yourself 79: Picking Up

The idea of leading slower, less cluttered lives is a deeply resonant concept right now. With good reason. With the barrage of information and stuff at our fingertips, minimalism holds a calming appeal. The shadow side of this trend is that it can leave us paralyzing to pick anything up. The episode addresses this conundrum head on. Host Sharon talks through a few core concepts that unpin her “Picking Up Philosophy” and then offers up a How To Guide for Picking Up. From learning how to say yes with intention (ahem exercise your ability to say no ahem) to  recognizing seasonal shifts, this episode shares many tools and lens for how you can think about the things you carry.

“What we choose to hold with us, what we choose to pick up and carry, makes up the landscapes of our lives. The greatest gift is learning how to curate this bundle for each season. To decipher what to hold and when to let go – and when we are ready for something new.” – Sharon Lipovsky

Ideas Shared

Starting Points for Picking Up

Understand your values

Honor your values in what you hold

Remember that we carry far more than stuff

How to Guide for Picking Up

  1. Start Fresh 
  2. Get Inspired
  3. Pick Up Only What You Love 
  4. Say Yes with Intention
  5. Set Boundaries that Honor Your Values
  6. Learn to Trust Your Impulses
  7. Recognize Seasonal Shifts
  8. Stay True

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