To lead a well-designed life does not mean things are never hard. How we act in the face of an obstacle says a lot about our values and integrity.

What’s your move when the going gets tough? Do you walk away? Do you tighten your grip and attempt to control? Do you point fingers and look for an external source to lay blame? Or maybe you tap into your ability to keep moving in spite of the difficulty or opposition you face? We explore these questions and more in today’s episode on persistence.

Ideas Shared

Reflection Questions

  1. What habits do you have when you face adversity?
  2. How are those habits are working for you?
  3. How did it feel to respond that way?
  4. How did your response impact others?
  5. Were there any additional costs to your reaction?
  6. What do you notice about what triggers you into this habitual response?
  7. What might is look like for you to tap into persistence in the future?
  8. What would shift if you tapped into persistence more often?
  9. What’s one shift that I could make?