Intuition Exercises

There are so many questions to process in our lives – and even more answers to sift through. Our intuition is our quick-thinking guide. But many of us don’t listen. What gets in the way of tapping into our instinctive internal whispers? How can we tune into our ability to understand something right away? That is what we cover in this Design Yourself episode on exercising your intuition.


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Ideas Shared

Common Intuition Blockers 

  • The 4 A’s. Ambitious, Achiever, Accomplished, Accomodating. These traits aren’t blockers unto themselves. When overused, however, they get in the way of accessing our intuition.
  • Thinking Too Big. Stop focusing exclusively on what’s out of your control; start adapting your moves into what you can do right now.
  • Chasing External Validation. Stop prioritizing what other people want you to be; start getting clear on what matters most to you.
  • Numbing Yourself with Busyness.  Get comfortable with stillness, rest and quiet.
  • Being too scared or exhausted to listen to yourself. Listen to your own internal whispers. This could be a gut feeling, heart feeling, bone feeling, body feeling. Rarely does it come from intellect.

Exercises to Build Your Intuition Muscle

  • Exercise 1: Notice, without judgement.
  • Exercise 2: Get comfortable with discomfort.
  • Exercise 3: Find ways to get still internally (this can include movement!) – meditation, writing, hiking, doing the dishes, peloton
  • Exercise 4: Listen to yourself. When you have a question – ask yourself first. When you reach for research, ask yourself first.

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