Getting Unstuck

Anguish shows up when we don’t know how to move. Many things can cause this stuckness. Maybe it’s a limiting belief that we aren’t worthy of having what we want. (Not true.) Maybe it’s a lack of clarity on the direction we want to head. (Time to create a vision.) Maybe it’s that we don’t know how to get there. (Pause, look back, ask for help.)

In this week’s episode Sharon highlights two stories of getting past stuckness and into aligned and inspired action. The first story celebrates a nonprofit leader focused on growing their leadership at work while exploring making a physical move for their family. Learn about how they developed an action plan that honored both of these visions – and what limiting belief they released along the way. The second story highlights a personal struggle that Sharon’s been facing in her garden and what she’s doing to get past it. We close with a bonus memory that underscores how patterns tend to repeat themselves.