Embodying A Beginner’s Mindset

Wild growth is possible when we abandon our addiction to knowing and surrender to wonder and awe. A beginner mindset acknowledges that we always have more to learn and accepts that failure is just a natural part of the process. But it’s tempting to sit back in old habits. And really who will know if we are accelerating toward growth or relying on what we already know to be true? So often the difference is unseen because it happens on the inside. It’s a mindset and not a physical experience.

In today’s episode, we talk about the power of a beginner’s mindset and the power of living this mindset in your body. Sharon shares her recent adventures in skiing and past attempts at ballet as examples of both being a beginner and being a beginner in your body – where all mistakes will be visible on the outside. Finally, she challenges you to consider what new body practice you might attempt to accelerate your learning. Tap into your inner 8-year-old and just have fun – mistakes and all.