Finding Center

You are in charge of your reactions to the circumstances around you. As for the circumstances and people around you, not so much. Yes, you can motivate, negotiate, influence and inspire those things. But you can’t control them.

But your reaction? Absolutely yours to decide. Yet we know it doesn’t always feel like it’s our choice. We get so triggered in the moment or so habitual in our response that we forget that we do actually have a choice.

In today’s episode, we help you remember that the choice is always there. We begin by looking at why centering matters and then share tools for three ways of centering: Tactics to come back to center when you are  triggered; practices to build up your centering stamina so that you are less likely to be triggered in the moment and practices for how to center with your team – whether with your colleagues around the board room table or on a zoom call or at home with your family. Enjoy!

Ideas Shared

Ways to Find Center When Triggered

  • Breathe
  • Stand or sit at physical center
  • Move – get up and change positions
  • Laugh
  • Find connection – with others and yourself
  • Set an intention – for your day, big event, season, etc.

Practices to Build Resilience (and Stay Centered Longer)

  • Fit to Lead basics – Sleep; Eat for Fuel; Exercise
  • Meditate – Guided or Not
  • Practice stillness
  • Journal – i.e. take what’s inside of you and get it out of you and written/drawn down

Practices to Center as a Team

  • Set an intention – collectively and/or individually
  • Make Centering a standing agenda item
  • Rotate the role of centering the team during standing gatherings among team members

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