Feeling Adrift

We’ve been 2020ed and there is no turning back. That has a lot of us feeling adrift. Untethered. Unmotivated, even. We can’t unsee or unexperience these last few of years. This new consciousness has sparked lots of change in the workplace.

For some of us, this new awareness has spurred us into action. Perhaps seeking a new job (hello, great resignation) or reimagining the one we already had. For others of us, we have scaled way back – perhaps exiting the workforce or re-evaluating how much we are willing to give (#quietquitting). And our employers are following suit. Return to office plans are rolling out, flexible work plans are being established (or not) and generally speaking, the next normal is coming into focus.

In today’s episode we cozy up to how we are feeling in the face of multi-years of near-constant, collective change. At a time when so many of us feel like things are beyond our control, we explore the choices we do have that might help bring us back to center.  Sneak peek: All paths forward begin with the need to paying attention to how we are feeling and cultivating an ability to be mindful of the actions we take.