Design Yourself 133: Not Forcing Things

The podcast is back! Listen to Sharon read Frank Bidart poems, share what she’s been up to over the last 4 months and talk about the power of not forcing things. She discusses how being still can be uncomfortable and yet why that’s important. She shares how to drop in and listen to the voice within you (and not just the mental chatter) and lead and act from that space of wisdom. And finally, when you are just itching to sprint to action even if it doesn’t feel right, she reminds you to just breathe. And see if you can’t tilt into a deeper sense of presence over action.

Ideas Shared

4 Ways to Not Force Things

  1. Be uncomfortably still
  2. Listen to your heart/gut
  3. Lead from the inside out
  4. Breathe and let go

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HostSharon Lipovsky
Audio EngineerColin Phillips
Theme Music"Following Through" by The Dismemberment Plan

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