Design Yourself 134: The ABCs of Vision

A is for Actualize. B is for Brainstorm. C is for create. Okay, just kidding, that’s not quite the structure of today’s podcast. In this week’s episode, Sharon does share some key terms for breaking apart the big idea of vision. She says a more linear set of distinctions that can move us along that path by exploring terms like strategy, goals, milestones and tactics. And also shares a magical pathway to vision through the lens of words like surrender, release, be, listen and move. The idea is not that there is a single or better pathway to realizing and stepping into what you really want. Instead these are distinct ways to break down something that can feel big into simple concepts and structures. This episode closes with some questions for you to consider as you wend your way down your own visionary path.

Ideas Shared

The Linear Path to Vision

  • Tactics
  • Milestones
  • Goals
  • Strategy

The Magical Path to Vision

  • Surrender
  • Release
  • Be
  • Listen
  • Move

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