Design Yourself 20: Eliminate the White Noise

With less than 3 weeks until Thanksgiving, the joyful and jam-packed end of year season is upon us. Offices are budgeting and planning for next year while simultaneously focused on ending this calendar year with a bang. In our personal lives, invitations to holiday open houses begin to hit our mailboxes (or more likely, inboxes) while we also plan out how we’d like to celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones. All this makes for a fast-paced season. Beautiful chaos, as I like to embrace it. To help keep your energies and spirits high as you wend your way to the end of the year, Sharon offers 5 actions you can take to seize hold of the white noise buzzing around you and begin to eliminate it in the process.

Ideas Shared:

5 Actions to Eliminate White Noise

Action 1 – Write down everything that’s on your mind.

Action 2 – Look at Your List for Themes and Patterns

Action 3 – Set Your Priorities

Action 4 – Get Another Perspective

Action 5 – Set a Clear Intention AND Goal