Design Yourself 110: Creative (vs. Reactive) Leadership

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This week’s show reflects on what it means to lead with purpose and alignment. Sharon discusses the differences between creative and reactive leadership borrowing from a favorite 360 tool (The Leadership Circle Profile). She also notices the pull to the proactive vs. reactive framing and why she prefers the creative/reactive interplay. We then get into how to tell and own your own story before moving into reflection on a) reactive tendencies to be aware of and b) reflection questions to help you amplify your own creative leadership. This a a great episode for anyone looking to lead with authenticity and impact.

Ideas Shared

5 Questions to Reflect on your Creative Leadership

  1. What does my creative leadership look like? When I am at my best how am I showing up?What is my purpose? What are my values? How do I take actions aligned with my values, purpose and talents? When I’m leading with authenticity/integrity/vision, what does that look like? When I’m interacting with others in a positive, results-oriented way, what does that look like?
  2. What reactive tendencies get in my way? Does imposter syndrome influence my behaviors? Do I go along to get along? Do I tightly control things because I’m afraid of things falling apart if I don’t? What’s the quality of my listening/engagement? How much empathy am I holding for those around me?
  3. What would support me in amplifying my creative leadership? What will help me get there? What will help me radiate? What prepares me for that? What allows me to move into that with ease?
  4. What is the cost of my reactive tendencies? What’s lost when I react? What’s the cost to myself? To others?
  5. What’s one thing I can do this week to support my creative leadership?

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