Design Yourself 66: Be Here Now

Carpe diem. Live in the now. Heck, even be here now. There are so many expressions out there calling us to focus on getting present. And that probably has something to do with just how easy it is to get distracted these days from exactly where we are right now. In this week’s podcast, Sharon offers up her own reflections on different flavors of not being present and then shares 10 ways to get yourself back into the here and now.

Ideas Shared

4 Different Flavors of Not Being Present

Consciously and Negative – For example I’m mentally planning how to get through a heavy task list while my husband tells me about his day

Consciously and Positive – For example choosing to listen to a podcast while doing the dishes

Unconsciously and Negative – For example a condescending comment at work causes me to to be mentally and unknowingly hijacked

Unconsciously and Positive – A great idea pops into my head and captures my imagination while I’m out for a run

10 Ways to Be Here Now

  1. Single-task
  2. Go for a walk – and only a walk
  3. Start a new physical practice
  4. Read for pleasure – like a real book that you hold. Stay with the words
  5. Honor your (right now) emotions
  6. Check in with your body
  7. Close your eyes + follow your thoughts
  8. Put technology away
  9. Listen deeply
  10. Speak from the heart

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