Design Yourself 29: Go Beyond – PRS Vision Cycle

What do you want? This question is the core inspiration for setting and moving towards a vision. Sharon believes that the greatest gift we can offer the world is to let our inner lights shine out brightly. To be our own unique selves. Visioning is an amazing resource for stewarding us on this path. Today Sharon shares Point Road Studios’ vision process, the Go Beyond Vision Cycle. Learn about how this process came to be, why visioning isn’t a linear but a cyclical process, and exercises for how you can begin playing with this tool on your own.

Ideas Shared:

Sharon distilled her vision process out of a desire to make this resource accessible to those in her community who might not have access to a resource like one-on-one coaching.

The PRS Vision Cycle*

There are 5 different access points for setting your vision. While you can follow these steps in order, it is not necessary. As you create – and continue to evolve – your vision, the key is going to the access point where your energy is at that point in time.

1. Get Clear
2. Look Back
3. Right Now
4. Step Forward
5. Go Beyond

*See full description of the Vision cycle in this blog post

There is only one rule: Start with naming your vision

Below are the 4 simple steps to take to name your vision. Do this each time you want to develop your vision.

  • Name the kind of vision you want to create (e.g. work, family, home, whole life)
  • Set a time horizon (e.g. end of this calendar year, on my 60th birthday, 3-5 years from now)
  • Answer: What do I want?
  • Name your Vision Statement (e.g. For my “whole life” I want “freedom and flexibility” by “April 3, 2025.”)

Exercises to explore your own vision

  • Get Clear: Name your top 3-5 core values.
  • Look Back: Draw yourself at play – Remember a time when you were at play. What were you doing? What did you look like at play? Capture that essence.
  • Right Now: Journal exercise – What is real for you right now? 
  • Step Forward: Begin to sketch out your action plan – What steps could you take today to move you towards your vision?
  • Go Beyond: Consider – How can I let my vision loose? Do something that scares you.

Resources and Links:

Blog post that lays out full details of the PRS Vision Cycle, Go Beyond: A Process for Crafting and Unleashing Your Vision

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