Throw Yourself A Trying Party

News flash: You are doing a great job. So why not celebrate it? In this episode, get a sneak peek into the difference between adaptive and maladaptive perfectionism, learn why celebration prevents burnout and set you up to start planning your own Trying Party. (Yeah, it’s a thing.) So here’s to know what matters and bravely taking small steps each day to move towards being the fullest expression of your unique gifts and dreams. Here’s to trying.

Ideas Shared

Questions to Consider To Plan Your Trying Party

  1. What are your trying at right now?
  2. How might you celebrate your effort right now?
  3. What might your Trying Party include?
      • Who can help you plan?
      • Who is on your guest list?
      • Is there a theme?
      • What are you doing at the party?
      • What are you wearing at the party?
      • How are you feeling at the party?
      • When will you schedule it to happen?