Vision Alignment: Tapped for a New Opportunity

Human beings are interconnected, and we really can accomplish more together. But when it comes to visioning, how do we know what’s ours versus someone else? How can we connect what someone else sees as possible to what we really want? That’s what we get into in today’s Design Yourself episode on Vision Alignment: Tapped for a New Opportunity.

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Ideas Shared

  • The “light” and “shadow” of someone sharing what they see as possible for you.
  • The importance of assessing the relationship you have with the person offering you a new opportunity.
  • 3 steps to evaluate the new opportunity:
          1. Listen to understand.
          2. Return to center. What do I want?
          3. Build the path forward. 
            • Build trust and mutual support in the relationship.
            • Stay clear on your “what,” i.e. what is the next step that you want in your career?
            • Then get clear on “how” to evaluate the role and your ability to learn and grow in alignment with your career objectives and business need.