Stories Move Us

Our stories shape us. They form the fabric of not just where we are coming from, but also what we believe is possible. Stories forecast our future. How do we find the pulse of our narrative? How do we decide what’s working and what is getting in the way? How do we understand what’s my story versus what’s our collective story?

Let’s explore in this episode of Design Yourself as we discuss how stories move us.

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Ideas Shared

7 Prompts to Reimagine Your Story Movement

  1. What do you notice about your current movements? Look at how you move – in your schedule, through a room, in your home, at the grocery store. What do you notice without judgement?
  2. What distinctions do you have about your movements? Your pace? Your intensity? How would you describe the characteristics of your movements?
  3. What does your movement suggest about about the stories you are telling? Are you winning? Rushed? Transforming? Out of balance?
  4. What kind of story movement do you want right now? Are you dancing? Floating? Resting? Driving? Cycling?
  5. What kinds of tools support your story movement? If you are dancing…do you need tap shoes? Jazz shoes? Are you in a vehicle? What kind? A single speed bike or a bike kitted for the next world tour?
  6. What commitment can you make today to your own story movement?
  7. How will you know you are honoring that commitment?

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