Planting Seeds

Spring is here and with it an invitation. We have made it through the cold, dark, fallow period. And it’s time now to wake up. To move and stretch and create focus. What do we wish to cultivate this season? What do we hope to grow? And how do we do so with intention? That’s what we discuss in today’s episode on Planting Seeds.

“My seeds are afraid to grow?” asked Toad.

“Of course,” said Frog.
“Leave them alone for a few days.
Let the sun shine on them,
let the rain fall on them.
Soon your seeds will start to grow.”

-Arnold Lobell, “The Garden” from Frog and Toad Together

Ideas Shared

How to Plant Seeds

  • Prepare the “soil”
      • What is the current state?
      • What debris needs to be cleared?
      • What nutrients need to be added in?
  • Choose what to grow
      • Perennials
      • Trees and Shrubs
      • Annuals
      • Edibles
  • Nourish the seeds
      • Physiological needs (e.g. sun, water, food, rest)
      • Spirit-needs (e.g. love, belonging, community)
  • Trust that your seeds will grow