Gratitude for “No”

“No” is an incredibly powerful tool. It allows us to clear the clutter of our lives and to prevent unnecessary distractions. Behind every yes is a silent no – we just usually don’t realize it at the time. It is through creating the negative space that we can dream up of biggest, brightest, happiest yeses. “No” really does create the space.

In today’s episode we give gratitude to “no” and offer up 4 simple questions to spark your own personal reflection. Host Sharon cozies up to her own answers including how fear and control get very loud when she’s saying no – and how it’s worse when she is afraid of how her no will impact someone else. We also look at patterns that lead you to avoid saying no and supports to get over and just do it anyway.

Ideas Shared

Reflection Questions

  • What is possible when you say no?
  • What emotions surface when you say no?
  • What no’s are you avoiding?
  • What will support you in saying no?

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