Design Yourself 58: Product Innovation with Emmanuel Yamoah

Emmanuel Yamoah is a person who defies the traditional approach. Not satisfied by what has always been, he’s always pushing for something more. As a young boy you might have found him deconstructing his sneakers to see what made them work. Today he leads a global Research and Development team at Duracell. He is an engineer, an artist, and a problem solver.  He understands that to really drive product innovation, you have to start with personal innovation. This episode is a great fit for anyone curious how to go from idea to tangible product. His career also illustrates how you can create tremendous opportunities and growth for yourself working at the same organization. 

“It’s a constant iteration. It’s pushing and using those starting materials that you have and really figuring out how do you bring them all together. And there is no end solution because you’ve got to constantly evolve.” – Emmanuel Yamoah


“I can launch a product and then put it into the marketplace but it has to evolve to stay relevant…the needs of the world change so then how do you evolve – how do you design who you are – to continue to keep up with the needs of the world.” – Emmanuel Yamoah

“It is always important to have people around in your life who can reflect things for you. Who can give you a different viewpoint of who you are as opposed to who you think you can be.” – Emmanuel Yamoah

“You are who you are…So how do you bring everything of who you are to everything that you do.” – Emmanuel Yamoah


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